Month: August 2007

Stealing a Meme

Since it seems fashionable to steal this one instead of being tagged… The rules are: bold the things you’ve done and tag whomever you choose. 1. Bought everyone in the pub/bar a drink 2. Climbed a mountain 3. Held a tarantula 4. Taken a candlelit bath with someone 5. Been in love 6. Broken someone’s …

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Hungry for Music

Help me out, readers. I’m in the mood for a very specific sound of music and want to hear some suggestions. Two examples I can give are Voodoo, by Godsmack, and I Burn, by The Toadies. Something heavy on “tribal drums” and bass guitar. Something Pagan.

Renaissance Update

I haven’t forgotten about my self-renovation project, but I also haven’t been writing about it. Just to give a brief update, I’ve lost six pounds since I started, which is pretty good considering that I quit smoking. But last night, I decided it was time to change gears. I tightened all the screws on my …

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