Month: December 2007

Happy New Year

Today is the last day of December, which has proven to be the first bright December in many, many years for me. It’s also the eve of the new year, which happens to be my favorite holiday. It is a time to look back on the past, let go of things you no longer need, …

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Writing Like Mad

I was just doing some upkeep, tagging and categorizing all the imported posts, and I realized that I’ve been posting like mad lately.  I think I might have to slow it down a bit, and make you guys hungry for new material.  Otherwise you might get sick of me.   Of course, I’m writing a post …

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Party Time

Friday is my birthday. I’m throwing myself a party, because I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 26. You’re all invited. No presents, please. 🙂

I Quit

This post will get nasty. Don’t read it if you get the willies easily. At six o’clock in the morning, I woke up coughing. This has become a recent trend for me, these morning fits of my lungs revolting. I rolled onto my side, hoping that the shift in gravity would bring peace enough for …

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The house is empty now No laughter, just the soft hum of electronics But there are reminders Golden strands of hair, scattered in random places The scent, Her scent, still on the pillow she used Each thing reminds of the other Emptiness Despite that, I can’t help but smile The Bumble smiles with me, as …

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Musicians Wanted

Wednesday evening, I received an email from that informed me, due to availability, that I would not be receiving Rock Band for the Playstation 2. They didn’t even delay the order, as they’ve been doing for the past 15 months with a Lumin CD I ordered last year. They just sent me an email …

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Behind the Veil

Time to clear up the fog… So, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been living the Rock Star life since December 1st. Yes, part of this was an attempt to throw myself into life and avoid the depression I knew was looming. Part of this was also because of Strutter. On December 1st, Strutter invited me to …

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