About Stuck

I’m Ben Stuckey. Stuck is one of several nicknames. Growing up, I had two friends named Ben, so it just became easier for all of our friends to refer to us by our last names, and mine got shortened to an adjective that means “caught or fixed.” Or a verb meaning “pierced or punctured” or several variations thereof, but I prefer the adjective because it makes for a clever blog title.

I’ve been told that I’m fairly witty, and that it comes across well in my writing. That was one of the reasons I decided to take my journal, which had always been therapeutic, and go public with it. Along the way, I found several loyal readers who appreciate my writing, and I appreciate their appreciation. I don’t write for them, however, because that would diminish the effectiveness of my therapy. I still write for me. What that means is that I reserve the right to piss off/offend anyone at any time. Contrary to popular opinion, the Bill of Rights does not grant people the freedom never to be offended. So beware, reader.

If you need background on who I actually am, rather than what this blog is, you can just read the archives. This one is a good place to start.

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